Monday, March 9, 2009

Boards of Smorgs

One of my biggest downfalls is spending. Alright, biggest. I love to shop.
My boy's clothing is probably at the top of my happy shopping list. It makes me so giddy to see them dressed cute. Anyone who knows me in real life knows how Tanner is being taught how to spell his name and initials by wearing them on everything he carries or owns. It's a southern thing. As everyone has always said, I should have a girl. The thoughts of ruffles, bloomers, English lace, bows (and not just a bow but a 'big as your head' bow), monograms in wispy fonts...
my heart is fluttering at the thought. Rewind...back to the matter at hand. With my eyes being open to my "problem", I have really started looking into what I spend and how I can cut back. You wouldn't believe the money I spend at the grocery store! I've tried couponing and it takes waaaaayyy too much time. This might be another problem of mine...patience. I'm not going there. Not going to do it.
So, my goal....cutting the grocery bill!
Over the next week or so, I'm going to clear the pantry and fridge out. I will only go to the store for the staples. With that said, I hope to only spend $50 over the next 2 weeks on grocery neccessities. (If the hubs reads this he's going to die out of sheer delight). I will try to post everyday with what I came up with for dinner. My mom is the ultimate guru at putting stuff together out of nothing. Maybe her creativity in the kitchen will shower me.

Day one was pretty easy as I went to the grocery store 3 times last week. I had grilled some chicken out the other night so I fine chopped it (only one breast) and heated it in a saucepan
with a can of enchilada sauce and some green chilis.
Add a teaspoon of fat free sour cream for a little added taste.
Take a can of regular old canned biscuits and line a muffin tin. Use the bottom of a cup or a fancy
"cup" maker to press them out.
Top the biscuits with the chicken mixture and top with shredded cheese.

Bake at 375 degrees for about 15 minutes or until bubbly.

For my side I had some left over rice to which I added about 3/4 cup frozen corn
and a can of drained and rinsed black beans. To zest it up some I seasoned with cumin,
chili powder, and garlic salt. Throw it in the microwave for 3-4 minutes and stir it all together.

Top rice and enchilada cups with chopped cilantro and a dab of fat free sour cream.

Viola...dinner in less than 20 minutes.

This is going to be interesting but hopefully I'll be able to pay a huge chunk on a credit card
with what I've saved in groceries.
It's totally worth eating a smorgasboard of food to be debt free!!!!

Thursday, March 5, 2009


So it's here...the first official girlfriend. As a mom of boys I knew this day was coming. I knew one day I'd have to let my boys go and here it sits like a wounded solider. Another girl has stolen his heart and mommy won't be marrying her son anymore. It was fun while it lasted. Tristan came home with a dedicated story all to him...from a girl. His eyes lit up and sugarplums were dancing all around his angelic face as he spoke of his new flame. He was so excited as it was typed in a whimsy font, laminated, and even told tales of his trip to the pet store to get a monkey. It was the most precious thing in the world! If I can brought a tear to my eye. This sweet, little gal took the time to write a story about Tristan and knew one of his favorite animals was a monkey. What a kind spirit she is! I will be happy to lose my son's heart to a precious gal like that. He wrote her a thank you note adorned with his name and a dinosaur. He thanked her and told her how much he loved the picture. He even went to tell her how he hung it in his art portfolio on the wall. Ahhh, young love... full of creativity and sparks!
**click on the picture to read the full tale**

Monday, March 2, 2009

Not Me! Monday

It's Munday...and yes, I've got a case of it.

Today while in the grocery store, I most certainly did not turn into a cupcake mom. I mean, whoever would let their child bully them into buying 2 boxes of fruit snacks, Golden Grahams, and the most expensive, decadent, organic granola bars known to man? I never bribe when trying to get said child dressed to go run errands all the while chasing him around the house to only get a pair of pants on. Never would I! No, not me!

I could never bring myself to practice child labor. Putting my 8 yr old to work would be insane and I would surely feel so much guilt for making him unload the dishwasher instead of playing outside in the wet, cold snow. Nevah, evah...not me!

I never put rainboots on the littlest one because they are easy to slip on and blame it on the fact that he loves wearing boots everywhere. I would think that mom is lazy and doesn't want to take the time to tie those shoelaces. I wouldn't, couldn't.

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