Wednesday, January 6, 2010

in the end it was merry and bright!

I've got a blog? Say what! I know...I've neglected. To be honest, quite honest, I haven't really cared. I've had lots to say but no energy to put the words out there. Life has happened, I've been there. Life has jetted by tooting it's horn, trying to get me to laugh. I sometimes acted like a 2 year old...huffing, puffing, and wanting to prove that I could win. I finally gave up all the while waving the white flag. I could either crumble or enjoy what was around me.

I'm a rather grand planner but when it comes right down to it I run, fail, or give up. When I do succeed I really don't realize it because I'm constantly looking at the negative. My patience was seriously tested this Holiday season. If it wasn't one thing it was another. Another trial, another failure, another child testing my string of patience.

I had so many projects to accomplish but instead my sewing machine decided to act squirrly, supplies decided to not show up in the mail, people decided to tick me off (I mean really, really tick me off), and my patience decided to go haywire. I was defeated. I was mad. I cried. Then I put my happy face on and moved on. I had no picture perfect Christmas. I took 2 pictures, yes...2. But I was loved beyond measure and had those I love around me. We were together. We laughed. We laughed some more. We drank. We were merry. After all was said and done we made it through the hectic Holiday craze. I hope you and yours had a happy, love filled Christmas and healthy, exciting New Year!

P.S. I'm ready to get crafty, start painting, and make (and succeed) at the boy's new shower curtain and valance.