Thursday, December 3, 2009

advent-day 2

Advent calendar day 2 was writing Santa a letter with your wish list. I almost dreaded this because I get nervous that they will ask for something so ridiculous or unattainable. Mom and dad are pretty safe this year....or so we thought.

What is up with Mr. Crazy Eyes?

"Tanner, where did you get all those stickers?"
"From my teaaaachers...I love dem."
"Your stickers?"
"Mommy...I loved my teaaaachers."

Tanner moved on to drawing Santa a picture.
Being a boy, he decided to draw a snowman peeing.
Classic sweetness. Only moms of boys will be rolling
their eyes right now instead of laughing.

Tanner's Dear Santa...
word for word. Never change a young child's words.

Writing our name. He's so proud! and I am too!!!!

This is serious business with Tristan.
He did not want to be photographed.

Oh, wait. Dad and I thought we were in the
clear this year. Is that a DSi and an iPhone
that you think you want?
Sorry sport...

After I told him Santa had a budget this year he
decided to add less expensive
things. Glad he's thinking of the old jolly guy!
Of course, I was not allowed to take another picture
of the finished product.

This might just be our last year
mailing off letters to Santa and the
kid would not even smile.
Oh how I hope he still believes.

Maybe, just maybe...a smile. But of
course we can't be caught dead
looking at the camera.

4 comments: said...

Super cute!
Where did you drop your letters?

Erica said...

seriosuly... an IPhone! Bryan won't even break down and buy himself are so cute!

breanne said...

Terri...Macy's Oak Court (I think they all have them).
Erica...uh, yeah. Troy said we could buy him a cheap-o $10 phone but who the heck does he need to call beside me or Troy. He does have a lady friend...a 4th grader. Oh boy!

me said...

what is a bakuggan??

loe the snowman peeing! haha! probably not as funny had it been my kid. and, no, he does not need to call anyone other than you or troy, especially not his lady friend (although i am sure she is adorable and sweet and all).