Tuesday, December 1, 2009

stop...and listen

Two posts without a picture...what is wrong? I love a good post that has a cherry on top. A picture is always the cherry on top. It grabs my attention. Having ADD is not a good thing when it comes to reading.

This Christmas I am busy making lots and lots of things. I decided to go handmade or recycled. Not recycled as in regifting...I would never, ever! Well, maybe once. Twice. This new found burst of greatness has also brought a weight on my shoulders. Will I get it done? Will they like it? Will it come out the way I think it will? Then I realized....the people I'm giving gifts to are people I love. I know them. I care about them. I cherish them. Of course they'll like it, it's from the depths of my heart. I've been so worried about all these things I've gotten swept up in the commercial aspect of just giving a gift. This year though, I'm rethinking everything and giving not only a gift but my spirit of thanks. Thanks for letting me be part of their lives, thanks for a greater reason this holiday season than just Santa, thanks for sweet memories that last a lifetime. A gift of purpose. A gift I hope they will hold dear to them. Sometimes you have to stop and listen to the One who gives us everything to truly know what Christmas means.

I'm linking up to Kimba's DIY Day so check out all the creative gals over there!

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